Why is My Diffuser Not Misting? 6 ways to troubleshoot

Diffuser not Misting? 6 Ways to Troubleshoot

1. My diffuser is misting very weak

-Check if the water is filled below the max fill line, the mist will not be strong when the water is too full
-Clean your aroma diffuser.
– Ensure that air flow isn’t blocked by anything like hair entering through an inlet as well.
– Only use filtered tap or spring water – not distilled!
– Make sure to run the diffuser on a flat hard surface, so its efficient performance won’t be compromised
– ensure that there are no obstructions near its sensor (near the ceramic plate)
– If all these steps seem alright but your device still doesn’t work properly, unplug it for a few minutes then restart after refilling with fresh clean water!

Porcelaine Diffuser.

150ml Ceramic Diffuser

2. My diffuser does not mist at all

-Make sure If your diffuser is plugged in properly.
-Securely plug in both power adapters to their respective outlets and test out your power source for adequate supply
-Check if the water is running out in the reservoir.
-Inspect that the reservoir is filled with filtered tap or spring water of the correct level.

3. The lights are blinking and no misting

-Keeping your ceramic plate clean doesn’t have to be a tedious task; Just use cotton swabs dipped in warm water for routine cleaning and alcohol-soaked swabs when you need that extra deep clean.
– Be sure the fill line is always slightly below the max – otherwise, no amount of scrubbing can get this machine going again!
– Make sure your diffuser is set up on a firm and level surface – not somewhere that could impede the air flow

Aroma Diffuser

4. The proportion of oil in water is too high.

-Don’t let bad luck rain on your best scent! When you use an oil diffuser, it’s important to add the right amount of water—too much or too little can create problems.
-As a rule of thumb, start with 10-13 drops per cup and then adjust as needed for the optimal fragrance spread. Get ready for some aromatic bliss~

5. Find water spill out and accumalte at the bottom

-Ensure your air diffuser operates at peak performance by air drying it after any water exposure.
-To do this, remove the top and flip the base upside-down to allow full ventilation for a minimum of 48 hours.
-Keep an eye out :  never add too much tap water since that opening leads directly to essential electronics and can cause damage if they get wet!

6. Despite trying every step above, my diffuser still not working?

-If you diffusers still not misting, pls contact our customer service, we will get back to you quickly.

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