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Providing a comprehensive overview of all things related to custom essential oils is a challenge,  To ensure you can quickly locate the detail you seek, we have prepared this table of contents with links that will guide you directly to the corresponding section with a single click.

General Applications For Wholesale Essential Oil

Wholesale essential oils for boundless applications: Aromatherapy, massage, skin and hair care, natural cleaning, air freshening, and more – enriching homes, spas, wellness centers, and retail spaces alike.

Hot Products

Essential oils are available in various enticing options, categorized into three tiers: Basic, Premium, and Luxury. Featured below is one of our best-selling selections. 

10ml 100% Pure Orange Essential Oil - Energizing Aroma

Experience the zesty and invigorating scent of our Orange Essential Oil. Cold-pressed from the finest ripe oranges, this therapeutic-grade oil is perfect for revitalizing your surroundings. Use it for aromatherapy, household cleaning, or as a natural air freshener to elevate your mood and boost your energy levels.

10ml 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil - Therapeutic Grade

Our Lavender Essential Oil is the perfect addition to your self-care routine. This therapeutic-grade oil is sourced from the finest lavender flowers and offers a calming and soothing fragrance. Ideal for aromatherapy, massage, or as a natural perfume, our lavender oil will help you relax and unwind.

10ml 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil - Purifying Scent

Elevate your senses with our Lemon Essential Oil, carefully extracted from fresh, zesty lemons peels. This therapeutic-grade oil offers purifying and revitalizing properties, making it perfect for aromatherapy, skincare, or as a natural cleaning agent. Immerse yourself in our lemon oil’s crisp, invigorating aroma, and enjoy a renewed sense of clarity and freshness.

Quality For Assurance

Sourcing and raw materials

Premium, sustainably sourced plant materials for pure oils.

Extraction methods

Advanced extraction techniques retain therapeutic properties.

Quality control and testing

Strictly testing ensures purity, potency, and safety.

Certifications and industry standards

Compliance with GMP, ISO, and organic certifications.

Transparency and documentation

Accessible COAs, MSDS, and product specifications for verification

Continuous improvement:

Commitment to innovation for industry-leading essential oil quality.

Estimated Cost For Analysis For Essential Oil

The options may seem overwhelming when selecting the ideal essential oil for your requirements. However, with our 100% pure essential oil wholesale, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a superior-quality product with numerous benefits. 

pure lavender oil wholesale price is around USD $0.67–$1.8 for different quantity option

Take our premium Lavender essential oil as an example; our entire production process begins with carefully selecting organically grown Lavender plants; we utilize a meticulous filtration process to ensure purity. 

The Freight Cost

For our essential oil wholesale orders, we offer competitive freight costs calculated based on the order size, weight, and shipping destination. Please get in touch with our customer service team for a personalized shipping quote tailored to your requirements.

Other Miscellaneous Costs

Estimated customs clearance, Customs duties and other miscellaneous fees based on our experience.

Production For Process

Discover the secrets to sourcing premium essential oils at wholesale prices!

 Reach out to us with your inquiries or for a customized quote. Our dedicated team of experts will respond within 24 hours, assisting you in choosing the perfect pure essential oils tailored to your needs.

The Basic Knowledge About Essential oil And Aromatherapy

Please be aware that the final pricing is determined by the customized services you need, the specifications of the raw materials utilized, the applicable national regulations, and the transportation distance. Consider, for instance, the scenario of ordering an entire container of pure essential oil products

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The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Please note that the final cost of pure essential oils relies on several factors, such as the desired services, the raw material specifications, the relevant national laws, and the transportation distance. Take the example of purchasing 1000 bottles of pure essential oils:

Discuss the intricacies of buying pure essential oils while considering your unique requirements. Firstly, consider the delivery location and the type of service you will need. Which country is geographically closest to yours, and what is the distance?

Are there any national restrictions on importing or exporting certain products, such as hazardous materials or controlled substances? These factors are crucial when selecting an international delivery company, as unforeseen issues like customs inspections can lead to additional fees during processing.

The cost of pure essential oils is influenced by many factors, including the purchase services you require and your raw material specifications. For instance:

The availability of a specific product in our inventory at the time of your order can affect the overall cost. If a product is not in stock, we must order the raw material from the supplier, potentially causing shipping delays and additional expenses.

A Brief Self-Nomination , Why Choose Diffusero ?

Diffusero is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our business – our team, processes, and products. We call this ‘the Diffusero standard.’

  • Diffusero is here to provide the ideal solution for your essential oil needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services while saving you money, so we have your back when sourcing pure essential oils!
  • We are collaborating to reduce your essential oil procurement costs.
  • We are offering expert OEM & ODM services for special projects.
  • Sustainability considerations inform our essential oil design and production processes.
  • Select regular products available in stock.

Diffusero provides a wide range of commercial essential oils that can be customized to meet customer specifications or stocked to minimize costs associated with production delays caused by waiting on parts from other suppliers. This ensures more efficient use of energy during the manufacturing process.

The FAQs About Essential Oil

Diffusero offers professional custom solutions that save you on procurement costs and order processing time while maintaining top level quality at every process stage. We ensure customer satisfaction under any circumstance, regardless of the challenges they face or where their business operates globally.

Diffusero is committed to quality across all aspects of our business – our people, processes, and products. We adhere to strict quality control measures and source our oils from reputable suppliers to ensure the highest quality.

Our delivery time for regular products in stock is 1-2 working days upon receipt of your payment. For customized or out-of-stock products, the lead time depends on our production schedule and the availability of raw materials.

We support payment through wire transfers, and other major payment methods, such as credit cards and PayPal.

The MOQ depends on the specific product and packaging requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team for more information on the MOQ for your desired product.

The receiving time depends on the shipping method you choose. If it is air freight, the time is generally within 7 days. If you choose sea freight, the receiving time is about 30-45 days.

We are a professional essential oil wholesale manufacturer and diffuser manufacturer and a trader specialized in well-being and self-care products.

Yes, we provide samples for most of our products. Please contact our sales team to request samples and discuss any associated costs.

Yes, we offer OEM services and can customize essential oil, packaging, and labeling to meet your specific requirements.

We provide competitive pricing for wholesale essential oil orders. Please contact our sales team to discuss the details and any available discounts based on order volume.

Yes, our essential oils undergo thorough testing and come with certifications such as GC/MS analysis, organic certifications, and safety data sheets. Please inquire about specific certifications for the oils you are interested in.

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