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Our team has been striving to work over 6 years to pay extreme attention to the design and performance of each model to provide you the features and appearance you need. Click the below button to know more of our diffusers: Its design concept, craftsmanship, features, colors and size, how to buy and more.

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Why buy Aroma Diffuser from Diffusero?

We choose the top-quality materials to produce our aroma diffuser, and our secret is the dedication to superior quality and client service. In the past 6 years, we have sold tens of millions of items in global market.

Diffusero has mastered the art of making the marvelous aroma diffuser in various geometric shapes from polyresin and other plastics. From Design, mold making to manufacturing, with the strict attention to every detail, our brand is the name that you can trust.

High quality: We only choose the best polyresin material to make the aroma diffuser of Diffusero

Beautiful: In order to create the beneficial lifestyle items, and make the aroma diffuser to ook elegant, stlylish, we have taken extreme care in the design of fine and complex polyresin molds, such as promoting the pumping effect and reducing the probability of air holes occurring.

Durable: Our polyresin aroma diffusers are made to be used for a long time, even you can take it as a decoration in the room.

Affordable: We design and manufacture the beautiful aroma diffuser by enriching your mind, body and home at an affordable price.

Highly portable: As the supplier, our products are compact and light, making it easy to transport

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Other stock items which can be added to your cart

There are a wide variety of items in our catalog, Let Diffuser be your partner to connect your business with the growing consumer demand of aroma diffuser, the following are some of our best-selling products

polyresin Diffusers 1

Glass Diffuser

Lotus ceramic diffuser

Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

Nebulizer Diffuser

ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Ultrasonic  Diffuser

Lotus Passive Diffuser

lotus passive diffuser

Lotus Passive Diffuser

Elegant Look

Our aroma diffuser can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, living room or yoga studio, the diverse geometric shapes and elegant design of the aroma diffuser make them match with various décor and themes of your room

Enjoy Essential Oil Benefits

With the explosion of widespread interest in essential oil aromatherapy, more and more people love to use the aroma diffuser to enjoy the natural essential oil benefits.

Multiple Ambient Light

Multiple ambient light Our aroma diffuser equipped with maximum light exposure, brilliant design with 7 different color options, freezes your favorite color is available

Quick delivery

We have partnered with some of the best logistics companies to facilitate your order to arrive in a short time

Estimated price for wholesale aroma diffusers

Every payment which is paid to Diffusero for the purchase of products is completely secure. Here are the details of the fees you will incur

ceramic aroma diffuser 1

Design Fee

Pay a small cost for consulting any design you want for the aroma diffuser at wholesale price

Delivery Cost

It is the money that you will pay for the delivery of your goods from factory to your door. Diffuser offers you any kind of convenience

Miscellaneous Fees

There are cheap amount of payment related taxes, service fees, penalties and postoned charges, etc.

ceramic aroma diffuser 1

Sample Fee

If you need one single sample of aroma diffuser, just pay a small fee. A little more fee will be paid for additional more samples

30% T/T Fee

It depends on whether you pay the full amount or only 30% of the entire wholesale payment in advance.

70% Final Fee

Pay 70% of the final payment within a certain period of time and receive the goods that belong to you

Estimated manufacture and delivery times

With the rapid development of us, more and more customer approaching us. We’ve no other choice but to put speed first. So let’s look at the shole production and shipping process


Design and manufacture

We process the associated materials in our factory, and design them as aroma diffusers during the production process.


Pack products into cartons

Our team took a short time to pack the goods into cartons


Clearance and loading

Products are loaded on the truck. Once they pass the custom clearance. The drivers will move them to a different point of distribution.

sea shipping

Sea Shipping and transportation

Once the goods arrive at their destination. An alert will be sent to you. Then you can plan how to collect the products.

The process of producing aroma diffuser

This is what we do when we manufacture the wholesale aroma diffusers

wholesale process

Design the aroma diffusers

ID designers turn new ideas into drawing of aroma diffuser,  the design process requires consideration of the product’s function, lighting, materials, mist elimination, structure and other details. Make it stand out

Prototype sample of aroma diffuser

The R&D team will create a prototype of aroma diffuser based on the confirmed 3D drawing. The prototype is a sample with function and preliminary appearance effect.

Layout design of PCB

The electronics engineer will make the PCB layout design based on specific product features and create sample for verification.

Mold making of aroma diffusers

The mold engineers began to create mold design designs, and then make the aroma diffuser mold filling the liquid polyresin after reviewing the design.

Manufacture aroma diffusers

The workers sort all materials, assemble the main parts according to SOP’s only, and conduct multiple functional tests

Inspect the finished products

It is key processes, the related quality tests include:  accelerated aging, low temperature testing, high temperature testing, solder testing, PCB inspection, critical component testing, LED light testing, and mist output testing.

Problems with my order? Things you Need to Know

To save you from troubles, here are a few facts you need to know about our diffuser supplies.

Why does my aroma diffuser make noise?

According to the strength of your aroma diffuser’s motor and fan, it is normal to feel the noise while operating. If you hear some sound of water inside the tank, it is a normal phenomenon. If the aroma diffuser makes a noise that sounds strange, stop using it and contact our customer service team

Do I have to clean my aroma diffuser?

We recommend using tap or bottled water for all of our aroma diffusers, in addition the temperature of the water will also affect the mist spray, warmer water will generate a better effect of mist, colder water will suppress the ultrasonic vibration and generate few mist

How do I clean my aroma diffusers?

Please be sure to use 100% pure essential oils, which can extend the life of the aroma diffuser, if you use fragrance oil, will affect the life of the aroma diffuser.  if you use an aroma diffuser very often, we recommend that you use white vinegar to clean it every week, in addition, when you do not use it, do not let the water and oil stay in the aroma diffuser, which will cause oil stains to get stuck in the water tank

How do i operate my aroma diffuser

Many of the diffusers we sell have different functions, please read your manual to learn how to operate your product correctly

May Icustomized my favorite design?

For clients who order the aroma diffuser in bulk, we accept the requests, pls reach out to us by the form below.

How much time will it take to receive the goods

Generally about 30 days for non-customized products and about 35-40 days for customized products, depending on the complexity of your customization needs

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