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Want your own line of handmade ceramic oil diffusers? Look no further! Diffusero is your one- stop-shop for ceramic diffusers.

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We are a aroma diffuser company that is proud of our superior customer service, sending you the best essential oil products at your doorstep.

Inspired by the goal of the creating beneficial lifestyle products to enrich your mind, body and home. Diffusero was established in 2015 to turn aroma diffuser into an opportunity. At present, We have become a major aroma diffuser company in China with an annual turnover of 10 million US$, That’s right, you can rely on us!

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We are CE, FCC & ROHs certified; we are 100% legal.

70+ happy customers worldwide. We have produced products for companies in the Spain, Australia and U.S and more

We are growing rapidly. We currently have more than 150 employees and 8000 square feet of factory space ready to serve you.

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The best Ceramics Diffuser for You

We just sell the best ceramic diffuser in the market. You’re not looking’ for this? No problem! Our shop also includes glass diffuser, metal diffuser, Polyresin Diffuser and other diffusers to meet all you needs

150ml ceramic diffuser


ceramic diffuser

Ceramic  Diffuser 4

Ceramic  Diffuser 2


Lotus ceramic diffuser

Ceramic  Diffuser 5


Ceramic  Diffuser 3

Black ceramic diffuser

Ceramic  Diffuser 6

Black ceramic diffuser

Ceramic  Diffuser 6


Who says ceramic is boring? Our experts can custom air diffuser  by real handcrafted ceramic.

Custom diffusers’ logo . Bring your brand in the spotlight with our logo making service    
Custom oil diffuser Design . Send us your ceramic cover design, then we can make it stand out.  
Select Your Color. Tell us the ceramic color that you like and we will make it into your favorite one.          
Internal Structure Design. We focus on designing the internal structure of essential oil diffuser with convenient features to match all your business needs          
Exquisite craftsmanship. We source high quality clay, fire it with high temperature, then carve the shape by hand carefully, and finally put it in the kiln and fire it again    
polyresin diffuser

Estimated Ceramic Diffusers Fee

We use a secure payment process to make sure all payments are received. For specific bulk orders, discounts can be negotiated as a good faith gesture. The following summarizes the costs you can expect to incur.

Design Fee

It’s the amount we charge to make your designs as a real ceramic diffuser. We can elaborate the design, just pass your comments and advise us

Shipment Fee

It is payment we receive to deliver your order to your door in a quick and efficient way

Miscellaneous Fees

There are few fees we charge to process your order, include tax, These are usually fees related to taxes, services, or penalties.

polyresin diffuser

Sample Fee

It is the small fee we charged to deliver you a final ceramic aroma diffuser which made as your specifications. Pls note that you will pay more if you want to send more samples

30% T/T Fee

We provide you the selection to pay the full payment, or pay a 30 % deposit, if you choose to pay a 30 % deposit, then the remaining 70% of the final payment can be paid later

70% Final Fee

Complete the final payment and receive the goods you ordered within a certain period of time.

The Shipping Process

Although we are in COVID-19 pandemic, we can still optimize our deliveries so that you can receive your products quickly, please see the order dispatch steps below.


Design and Production

We prepare the raw materials according to your order, and start the quality inspection, then our 150+ employee produce your order according to the strictest standards to ensure the best quality



Packing the cartons for shipping

Once production is complete, the workers will pack your goods into boxes


Loading and Custom clearance

After your products are packed, they will be loaded onto the track and wait for customs clearance.

sea shipping

Global Shipping

After the custom clearance, your ceramic aroma diffuser will be delivered to you via global sea shipping. You’ll get an alert on your cell phone once your products arrived.

The Ceramic Diffusers Manufacturing process

The following is a detailed description of our production process, which makes our essential oil diffuser stand out with the element of ceramic, pottery and terracotta

making ceramic
wholesale process

Design of Diffusers

We design the sketch of the aroma diffuser, perfect the internal structure design and make the mold drawing. After analyzing the 3D drawing carefully,  we only make the best essential oil diffuser and do not offer substandard products.

Material Selection of Ceramic

The clay embryo is made of high-grade raw materials to ensure the highest whiteness of the clay,  and the translucency of the ceramic, and The scientific formulation of the clay meets the process requirements for product molding and high temperature firing.

The Shapping Process of Ceramic

Making plaster molds to shape the clay, each step of modeling to rolling, grouting, finishing the clay, washing, drying, and plain firing must be carefully handled and strictly controlled.

Carving of Ceramic

 The staffs use specialized tools to hand-carves complex patterns and textures on the ceramic surface according to the design, only simple drawings can be engraved by the equipment.

Firing of Ceramic

High temperature firing of 900-1400℃. Porcelain is fired twice, called secondary firing, and the ideal product after high-temperature firing, the ceramic is not deformed and does not crack

The Final Step

Assemble the ceramic aroma diffuser according to the SOP and ship to you efficiently.

Problems with my order? Things you Need to Know

To save you from troubles, here are a few facts you need to know about our diffuser supplies.

Do you offer free shipping of wholesale ceramic diffuser?

Unfortunately, no. You’ll have to pay a small shipping payment for your order of ceramic diffuser



What do I do if my order is postponed?

If you find the order delay over a week, please get in touch with our customer service for further support. We will ensure to resolve your issue right away, that your problem is solved immediately. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, please allow minimal delays for order processing and shipping.

Are you able to replace goods that  were damaged during shipping?

While we make sure that all orders are top-notch and secure, accidents do happen. When they do, please get in touch with our customer service for further assistance

How long is it going to take me to get the ceramic diffuser I ordered?

If your order is not customized, it usually takes 45-50 days for delivery. Many ceramics need to be hand carved and the production capacity is lower than plastic products, custom essential oil diffuser may take about 60 days because we need time to make molds and trial samples to ensure to provide the products you are satisfied with.



Why Diffusero Ceramic Aroma Diffuser?

We choose the top-quality clay embryo to carve the ceramic, then fire it twice by high temperature of 900-1400℃, the ceramic is not deformed and does not crack after high-temperature firing, High-temperature firing porcelain is the art of fire, Good or bad control of the fire when firing can make the product may have various defects or even scrap.

Do you have more images of your Ceramic aroma Diffuser?

Yes, we have other more pictures, we can make a slideshow for the style you want, only press the space bar and the arrow keys to change the picture, please get in touch with us by email for more pictures

Do you promote on Facebook or any other social media site?

At present, we do not promote on Facebook, or other social media, so if you’d like to say hello, please get in touch with us our email.

Do you have more images of your Ceramic aroma Diffuser?

We offer a variety of payment options such as payment via Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay Diners Club or other gateways, please get in touch with us and we will give you instructions on how to select the payment icon on your mobile device for the gateway you wish to use

How to clean my ceramic aroma diffuser?

We recommend that you clean your diffuser frequently. Fill the tap water into the diffuser below the maximum water level. Put few drops of white vinegar to remove the residual oil stains of ceramic diffuser.

Turn on the ceramic aroma diffuser and let it work for 3-5 minutes, so that the vinegar mixture thoroughly cleans the entire diffuser, then dry the ceramic diffuser with a dry cloth, rinse it again with tap water, and pour it out.

There is no mist coming out of my ceramic diffuser

Make sure it is plugged in, if it is indeed connected but you can’t see the mist and light, please confirm if your outlet has power.

There could be residual oil stains blocking your ceramic diffusr so the diffuser can’t spray the mist, please clean your diffuser right away

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