Wholesale Essential Oil Diffuser -FAQ

Our ultrasonic diffusers keep you safe in many ways! First and foremost, it’s important to remember that essential oils can be corrosive. Make sure your hands are clean before touching the unit or adapter as well as any furniture – trust us, we take this seriously!

All of our units have oil-resistant PP plastic water tanks which offer additional protection along with being BPA free; plus they meet the RoHS compliance.  So rest assured knowing all safety standards are met when using our diffuser.

The short answer is that there is a better industry chain in China. Maybe there are some wholesalers of aroma  diffusers in India, Malaysia, and Vietnam. But DIFFUSERO can assure you that our price can be the same as theirs and our service is far beyond your expectation.

With essential oils becoming increasingly popular around the world, now is a great time to invest in wholesale diffusers! Our customers can rest assured knowing they’re getting top-quality products that their consumers adore. Check out our selection today and get your piece of this fast-growing trend!

  • Wester Union for a lower rate
  • PayPal with some extra cost
  • New customers, only 30% T/T payments are accepted
  • OA credit is available for the old customer who has been with us for many years

If an order is delayed by more than one week, please email Diffusero Customer Service on the website for assistance.

Please note that sometimes orders may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please be patient and we will let you know if there is a valid reason for the delay

This rarely happens as we ensure that all shipments are well packaged before shipping.

However, if this happens, simply contact the customer service on the website and they will provide you with guidance and advice.

Ultrasonic Diffusers are the magical key to unlocking a scent-infused atmosphere in your home. Using ceramic plates and ultrasonic vibrations, they transform essential oils into micro particles that disperse like mist surrounding a waterfall – all without any odor or residue. And with their astonishing 2.5 million per second oscillations creating an aromatic fog, you can easily refresh your space anytime!

  • Make sure your diffuser is plugged in, the led light and mist will turn on immediately once the power is coming from your source
  • Make sure to use fresh tap water, not distilled or purified water. We design the diffuser for tap water, because tap water is the key to success because its mineral content helps produce the vaporization effect.
  • Clean your diffuser to keep it running smoothly, it’s important to break up the oil residue that is clogging its ceramic disc. A simple wipe down with warm water and a soft cloth will suffice for regular cleaning; however, if you need to perform some deep-cleaning then use cotton swabs dabbed in rubbing alcohol on tough areas!


Some Noisys are normal from the motor or fan strength during operation-such as the water moving inside- if you find yourself hearing any strange sounds coming from your unit that aren’t normal during operation please reach out to our Customer Care Team immediately and discontinue use.

The water is not heated internally but will become hot after a few hours of use. Factors that affect the temperature of the water include the ambient temperature, the heat of the water placed in the unit, and the current flowing through the unit. It is normal for the water temperature to rise over time. Especially if it lasts all day. The water should not exceed 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.

  • Keep your ceramic plate clean,  use cotton swabs dipped in warm water for routine cleaning and use alcohol-soaked swabs for those deep cleans that need to break down the oil.
  • Make sure there’s water inside the machine until it’s slightly below the fill line – otherwise this machine won’t even start!
  • It is possible that water has gotten into the machine’s circuit board and caused a malfunction, and it is best to replace the unit with a new one


make sure your vapor insert is flipped the right way up, and that you have all necessary components – including a directional nozzle. If anything’s missing or misplaced, be sure to request a replacement!

PS:To ensure proper functioning, some units require their vapor insert to be securely attached and positioned correctly. If the issue persists, double check that these components are in place!

Do not overfill an aroma diffuser over its max fill line, the capacity of each diffuser is different and detailed in each package, but as a guideline, we currently have  several different ways to indicate the maxi fill line of our air diffusers.

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