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We have 6 years of experience in wholesale essential oil diffusers that can help you to make more profit.

You need more than just a single aroma diffuser, you need a veteran vendor that’s been in the field for 6 years to build your brand and increase your profits. Let DIFFUSERO help you get ahead in the business

Essential Oil Diffuser Wholesale
Can Be Easy & Safe

We design and custom essential oil diffuser for a variety of materials, lights and functions. There is a wide portfolio of designs that you can choose from and we are well-equipped to create a custom essential oil diffuser just for you, which makes the final product can be distinguished from the vast majority of essential oil diffusers on the market.

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wood making
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Our Products

Diffusero’s products are made from high-quality materials. We go through 3 strict inspected processes when selecting material to ensure that the diffusers delivered to you are safe and good-looking.

Eco-friendly, Aroma Diffusers comply with RoHS testing standard

We only provide cost-effective products.

Provide operation video of aroma diffuser if needed

Wholesale essential oil bottle on demanded

Our beautiful aroma diffusers are 100% high-quality products.

DIFFUSERO's Services Always Go Further

No more endless waste of time on lousy essential oil diffuser wholesalers. DIFFUSERO’s aim is to let you take a seat and relax. We handle all dirty work, including trade work, customs clearance, and logistics, etc. Our consultant will keep you posted on trade developments throughout the process.


OEM & ODM Available

Wether you want to print your logo on the aroma diffuser, or customize the look, light, function, we can help you.

fast delivery

Lightning Fast delivery

If you do not need extra designs, only the finished products we have inventory to support the quick delivery

Start At Low MOQ

If you'd like to wholesale essential oil diffusers, we support the minimum quantity of 100 diffusers for the initial order

Why Choose Diffusero?

Our aroma diffusers have passed CE, FCC, ROHS and other approvals, and we have 10 years of experience in producing essential oil diffuser, Our manufacturing process dedicated to details.

Inventory Surplus

Our factory has 4 production line dedicated to the production of essential oil diffuser

Great Support

The consultant you interface with are experienced and certified in their English language proficiency.

Quality control

Each diffuser is subjected to 3 times quality inspection before packaging.

Customized on request

You provide the design and we typically provide you with a solution within a week.

Ceramic aroma diffuser
professional team

Professional team

design on demand

Design on demand

food grade plastic 5010T

Food grade plastic 5010T


Factory Direct

low moq


Certificates proven

Certificates proven

online audit

Online Audit

quick response

Quick response

Quality aging test

Quality aging test

59+Happy Clients

70+ happy clients

factory direct.

Report throughout


Affordable Price

Our Happy Clients From 29+ Countries

Finding an essential oil diffuser in a foreign country can be frustrating. I used to get an aroma diffuser from a factory in Vietnam, and the price was actually lower. Despite this, the communication and business skills of their staffs in English were not good. And once the shipment was delayed because of clearance issues, I only found out about it half a month later. Working with DIFFUSERO is much less hassle. Their seller said that their diffusers were certified in the lab and were convinced of that. And also, they're very professional, all I have to do is stay at the office and wait to get the stuff.
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Juan Felipe
From Spain
I have been working with DIFFUSERO for five years now, and I am pleased to have chosen them since the beginning. They have very good quality products, and mine retailers have never complained about them. Besides wholesale tablet aroma diffuser, they also have other good quality products, like their USB diffuser, car diffuser and ceramic diffuser, that I ship in the same container every time. The ceramic diffuser, in particular, sells very well with wooden base. So if possible, I recommend you try their other products as well.
Ebony White
From Australia
Throughout the purchase process, DIFFUSERO enabled me to feel secure. Their salesperson was highly professional. I showed their beautiful aroma diffuser to my friend who knows the business, my friend told me that these diffusers are completely made of top quality material, with nice mist and light. In the meantime, I was so happy with their service.
Mason Brown
From US

FAQ About Aroma Diffuser Wholesale

DIFFUSERO has been wholesaling aroma diffuser for 10 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems. These are our clients' most important concerns before we close the deal.

Are your diffusers BPA free and Healthy for my customers?

Actually BPA is a chemical that is used in plastics production. Most of people are worried about BPA because fewer amounts of the chemical can be transferred from packaging to food and beverages. It’s nearly impossible to get a plastic which is BPA free. But there are acceptable levels established by EFSA under which there is no harm for health. All plastics used in DIFFUSERO’s diffusers are in a very safe range; under 50 ppm=50mg/kg. Although essential oil diffusers should not use BPA-free plastic. We have taken action to ensure that all plastics used are at an acceptable level and comply with the RoHS standard. In addition, if the working temperature of the plastic does not exceed 1000C. There will be no released BPA that can impact the health of the body. DIFFUSERO’s Essential oil diffusers will never achieve those working temperatures during normal operation.

Are consumers in my country going to buy it?

Now, using essential oils in daily life is very popular in the world, so essential oil difuser wholesale could be a good idea. Most of our customers imported aroma diffuser sold great and their consumers like our aroma diffuser.





How long does it typically take to get the products?

Depending on if you would like to customize your essential oil diffuser or not, and is also dependent upon the speed of clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to send the Conventional sample of plastic aroma diffuser in 3-7 days; Trial order within 10-20 days;  Bulk order: 30 day; customized order and other materials: negotiated. 

All the aroma diffuser that we made are popular, but not all markets are the same. For example, some Europe customers love the ceramic wood diffuser. So if you are considering buying them, it is best to ask our experienced advisers.

What are the payment choices?

The first option is Western Union with a lower rate, the second option is PayPal if you can agree to a slightly higher rate. However, please note that for new customers, only the 30% T/T of the payment is accepted. or if you have worked with us for years and face a cash flow pressure, we can offer you OA credit.

May I go to China to inspect the factory?

Sure, but it would be better to wait for the epidemic to go away. At present, we can use Zoom for on-line factory inspection

waterless aroma diffuser

Does your diffusers heat water?

Water does not heat inside, but it will become hot after several hours of use. Factors influencing the temperature of the water include the ambient temperature, the heat of the water placed in the unit, and the electrical current flowing through the unit. It is quite normal that water temperatures rise over time. Particularly if it went on all day. Water should be no more than 30 to 40°C.

Are there Any benefits for essential oil diffuser wholesale from China?

The short answer is that China has a better industrial chain. Maybe there are some wholesalers of aroma diffuser in Vietnam, Malaysia and India.
But DIFFUSERO can guarantee that our prices can be same as their prices, and our service goes far beyond your expectations.

Is it safe for pets and children?

Since there is no heat source, the diffuser is safe for children and pets. They are just filled with cold tap water and a few drops of essential oils. They can also be left safe because all diffusers have an automatic shut-off function.

I am concerned that my diffuser will cause dampness in my home.

Aroma diffusers do not use a heat source, so no condensation is generated from the appliance. The vapor that comes from the diffuser is usually mistaken for steam,  you can guarantee your client that the diffuser will not cause dampness.

Which type of your aroma diffusers is selling better?

waterless aroma diffuser

Will you ask for a refund once sales are not well?

Start making substantial profits in your country today!

Essential oil diffuser wholesale can be simple. DIFFUSERO has helped clients from over 29 countries succeed and make good profits. We also invite you to be an exclusive distributor in your country.
Once the agreement is signed, we will not wholesale your exclusive type of diffusers in your country or region; your order will be handled and delivered initially. And we will execute the design of your customized aroma diffusers after you have sent us the first time. Click the buttons below, and let's grow your brand together..

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