Wholesale Private Label Pure Jasmine Oil

Delight in the virtues of Jasmine Essential Oil, a revered floral essence renowned for its serene effects and skin-enhancing qualities. Enhance your mental well-being, cleanse your environment, and achieve glowing skin with just a few drops of this fragrant marvel.

Details About Wholesale Private Label Pure Jasmine Oil

What are the Benefits of Jasmin Oil?

The Wholesale Jasmine Essential Oil is celebrated for its exquisite fragrance and therapeutic properties. Extracted from the finest jasmine flowers, it offers many benefits, including mood enhancement, stress reduction, and improved sleep quality. Its aromatic richness is also ideal for skincare, promoting a radiant complexion. In aromatherapy, jasmine oil uplifts the spirit while naturally purifying the air, making it a luxurious addition to daily wellness and beauty routines. Its benefits extend to providing a serene and inviting atmosphere in any space.

How to use Jasmin Oil?

To fully enjoy Jasmine Essential Oil, consider these applications:

  • Diffuse for Upliftment: Use jasmine essential oil in a diffuser to enhance your mood and purify the air in your space.
  • Inhalation for Relaxation: Inhale the aroma directly for a calming effect.
  • Bath Enhancement: Add 2-3 drops to a warm bath for a luxurious, relaxing experience.
  • Massage Oil: Mix 3 drops of jasmine oil with an ounce of carrier oil, like coconut oil, for a soothing massage.

Remember to use jasmine essential oil in moderation, and pregnant women should avoid it until after childbirth. It blends well with various oils, offering flexibility in its application for health and wellness benefits.

Additional information

Product Name

Pure Jasmine Essential Oil




OEM, support private label


3 years



Business Type

wholesale Jasmine Oil




never tested on animals


100% certified organic pure jasmine oil. Natural

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