Wholesale Lemon Oil Cold Pressed

Unleash the power of 100% pure lemon oil for your skin and home. Its natural antibacterial properties rejuvenate skin, while its refreshing scent enhances mood and mental clarity. It’s a multi-purpose must-have, ideal for detoxification, aromatherapy, and eco-friendly cleaning.

Details About Wholesale Lemon Oil Cold Pressed

What are the Benefits of Lemon Oil?

Cold Pressed Lemon Oil is known for its refreshing and purifying properties. It’s a natural antiseptic that can enhance skin health, brighten the complexion, and reduce acne. Its refreshing scent boosts mood and mental clarity. In aromatherapy, it helps alleviate stress and improve concentration. Lemon Oil also has detoxifying effects, supporting digestion and cleansing the body. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties make it helpful in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, providing a broad solution for wellness and home care.

How to use Lemon Oil?

To fully enjoy Cold Pressed Lemon Essential Oil, consider these applications:

  • Diffuse for air purification and mood enhancement.
  • Mix with water for a detoxifying drink.
  • Incorporate into skincare for antiseptic benefits.
  • Use in homemade cleaners for its antibacterial properties.
  • Combine with a carrier oil for stress-relieving massages.
  • Conduct a patch test for topical applications.
  • Consult a professional for proper dilution ratios.


Remember to use Lemon essential oil in moderation, and pregnant women should avoid it until after childbirth. It blends well with various oils, offering flexibility in its application for health and wellness benefits.

Additional information

Product Name

Pure Lemon Oil




OEM, support private label


3 years



Business Type

wholesale Lemon Oil




never tested on animals


100% certified organic pure Lemon Oil. Natural

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