Dellina Polyresin Scented Oil Diffuser

This stylish Dellina Polyresin Scented Oil Diffuser allows you to diffuse pure essential oils throughout your space, whilst also providing the warm, inviting glow of a modern lamp light fixture. The ultrasonic diffusion technology release the powerful benefits of essential oils into the air, providing you with a natural way to boost your mood, focus, or energy level.

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Details About Dellina Polyresin Scented Oil Diffuser

And with the soothing LED light, you can create a calming ambiance in any room. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening setting or a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, this diffuser is sure to do the trick.

Additional information

Water Capacity


Power Input

DC24V, 12W

Misting Modes

Continuous/ Alternating /Off

Product Color


Working Time

6 hours for continuous mode

Light Mode

Color Rotating/ Fixed/ Off

Automatic Safety


Coverage Area

800 sq. ft.

Business Type

Custom Scent Diffuser

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