Top 7 things you need to know about essential oil diffusers

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With the consumers’ love for essential oil aromatherapy, this market of essential oil diffusers has been developing rapidly.

And many companies have started to buy aroma diffusers from the diffuser wholesalers. But they encounter many problems in the purchasing process since they do not know much more about the aroma diffusers industry. To help the aroma diffuser sellers, I will share some knowledge of the essential oil diffuser industry for free.

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What does an essential oil diffuser do?

The aroma diffuser that we mentioned here is based on the theory of ultrasonic. It can break down the essential oil blends into micro molecules through the high-frequency (2.4Mhz) vibration of the ultrasonic transducer (atomizer) and below the essential oil molecules into the air to improve the air quality and calm the mood.

When you continue to use the essential oil diffuser for 30 minutes, the beneficial tiny essential oil particles will fill your room, creating a pleasant, soothing atmosphere.

The large capacity ultrasonic aroma diffuser is used as a humidifier, which makes the air in
Aromatherapy diffusers are a combination of humidifiers and aromatherapy.

Many essential oil lovers use the electric diffuser in aromatherapy with different essential oils. Such orange oil can refresh your mind and give you total energy when working or reading. Some companies start to notice the benefits of aroma diffusers, and then they join in the aroma diffuser wholesale immediately.

What types of materials are available in the market for aroma diffusers?

There are a variety of materials on the market for aroma diffusers. Essential oil diffuser manufacturers use these different combinations of materials to design the different shapes of aromatherapy diffusers to match a variety of styles of home interior design.

Let’s take a look at what are these materials? The more famous are PP, ceramic, glass, metal, polyresin, concrete, wood, bamboo, rattan, etc. Here are 4 of these materials.

1. PP is plastic, a short name of polypropylene, aroma diffuser manufacturers use to make the basic structure, such as water tanks, bottom, etc. The most important feature of this material is that it can resist the corrosion of essential oils. Of course, there are other materials to choose from; we will talk about them in other blogs.

2. Ceramics requires hand-made molds, then carved patterns through high-temperature firing. The clients can custom oil diffusers with different colors and patterns. The ceramic essential oil diffuser is a great home decoration.

3. Glass: There are usually two glass-making processes: hand-blown glass and machine-pressed glass: You can custom diffuser with different colors, patterns, and transparency. Some glass diffusers with a wooden base look elegant.

4. Wood: Our aroma diffuser factory usually uses rubberwood, Beechwood, and mahogany to make the bottom of the essential oil diffuser. Though cut and spliced into a circle. And finally, add a thin anti-oil corrosion paint.

making ceramic

Why is aroma diffuser so popular?

Due to the massive use and popularity of essential oils, More and more people have started to recognize the natural benefits that essential oils can provide. One of the best ways to benefit from their remedial attributes is through an essential oil diffuser.
The electric diffuser can refill the air and your senses with beneficial aromas of essential oil through a variety of technology: ultrasonic, atomizing, and fan diffuser.

Then the market began to appear in various shapes and functions of the aromatherapy diffuser, such as USB aroma diffuser, portable aroma diffuser, glass diffuser, ceramic diffuser, car diffuser…… The end customers are primarily women who seek beauty and quality of life.

What is the global market of aroma diffusers?

The global essential oil diffusers market size is estimated at USD 1.59 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.2% during the forecast period based on revenue.

The aromatherapy diffuser market is expected to be driven by the increasing disposable income of consumers coupled with the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, numerous health benefits of essential oils are expected to drive the demand for the product.

Especially in the ultrasonic diffuser wholesale market in the US, the key essential oil diffuser players include Youngliving diffuser, doTerra diffuser, now diffusers, Now Foods, and Scentsy diffuser. They share most of the market in the USA with ultrasonic aroma diffusers.

If you want to choose a partner, you should select an essential oil diffuser manufacturer with enough experience in the wholesale aroma diffuser industry and is very sensitive to the aromatherapy diffuser market. They will help you solve many technical problems and grow your aroma diffuser business.

marketing trend

What features of aroma diffuser should I look for?

If you would like to wholesale oil diffuser, there are some critical specifications you may consider

1. Work time
The multi-level time setting of the aroma diffuser is convenient for consumers to choose their favorite working time, select a large-capacity ultrasonic aroma diffuser (300ml), or more can continue to run for about 10 hours.

2. Led lights
Most users like the lamp diffuser colored LED lights; the multiple colors can change automatically, each light with bright and weak levels so that you can choose the color according to your personal preference and mood.

3. Power
electric oil diffusers usually have DC power and USB power; USB diffusers are more commonly used since USB power supply in a variety of ways, such as you can plug it in the computer, laptop, in your car, bank power, etc.,

4. Dimension
In the market of mist diffusers, there is a variety of dimensions for your selection. Large capacity oil diffusers are usually Large. USB diffusers are generally smaller. So you can choose the right size according to your preference.

How to use the essential oil diffuser?

It is simple to use the oil diffuser, usually operate it through the following four steps.

1. Put the air diffuser on the table near the power supply, then plug it into the power supply. Pls make sure that your home power supply is available.

2. Lift off the top cover of the aroma diffuser to reveal the reservoir, then fill the water reservoir by measuring cup with tap water slowly. Take care not to exceed the max water level in the reservoir.

3. Open the essential oil bottle lid, add 3-10 drops of pure essential oil into the reservoir, put the top cover back on the essential oil diffuser, and tighten it.

4. Press the switch on button spray button; the light will immediately turn on and automatically change color, essential oil particles will be sprayed into the air immediately, will fill the room with the sweet smell of aromatherapy.

Then, you can adjust the time according to its operating instructions, atomization mode, led light color, and other functions. There is a variable capacity of an oil diffuser in the market for you to choose from. Generally, the large-capacity diffusers can work longer.

How to custom essential oil diffuser in China?

The custom diffuser is usually divided into two types: OEM and ODM.

The OEM of aroma water diffuser is to produce diffusers based on not changing its shape and material type; OEM range of mist diffuser includes the following 5 points

1. Making the stickers, color boxes, manuals, outer boxes containing the customer’s brand information
2. Print the logo of the customer’s brand
3. change the spray time setting according to the customer’s requirements
4. change the light color light sequence according to customer requirements
5. Change the material’s color according to the customer’s requirement.
6. change the pattern on the cover according to the customer’s requirement

The ODM of ultrasonic diffusers is to design the new diffuser following the 3D drawing provided by the customer. ODM includes three types as below.

1. The 3D drawing provided by the customer has an entirely new function and shape, which requires a completely new mold.
2. The customer just changed the shape of some parts on the aroma diffuser; he only needs to open the mold for that part.
3. The R&D team of diffuser suppliers makes the customer’s idea into a physical 3D drawing.

I hope the above information can reduce your trouble during the wholesale essential oil diffuser process.

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