How to Clean a Essential Oil Diffuser

For those who love the soothing ambiance that essential oil diffusers bring to our spaces, keeping our little aromatic friend in tip-top shape is important. Regular maintenance guarantees a longer lifespan for your diffuser and ensures that each mist is as pure and fragrant as the first. This blog will guide you on how to clean a essential oil diffuser step by step.

Routing Cleaning of Your Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers are relatively easy to clean. Here’s a simple method using household items:

  • Empty and Rinse: Empty any remaining water and gently rinse the tank with warm water.
  • Clean with Alcohol: Fill the tank with 90% rubbing alcohol, ensuring it covers the base. Let it soak for at least 30 minutes, then empty and rinse with warm water. This step helps dissolve oil residues and scale deposits.
  • Alternative Vinegar Wash: For a more natural approach, use a 15% acetic acid household vinegar and water solution. Soak, rinse, and dry as you would with alcohol.
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Routing Cleaning of Your Nebulizing Diffusers

Nebulizing diffusers require a bit more care due to their direct oil atomization:

  • Dissolve Residues: Regularly wipe the glass reservoir with a cloth dampened with alcohol to dissolve essential oil residues.
  • Use a Cleaning Solution: Some brands offer specific cleaning solutions designed for nebulizing diffusers. Follow the instructions for applying the solution to ensure thorough cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Sometimes, your diffuser needs a little extra deep cleaning, especially if you love sticking to one scent for a long time or, let’s be honest if you’ve accidentally left water sitting in it for too long. Here’s how to thoroughly clean it:

#1 Unplug and Empty: Safety first – ensure your diffuser is unplugged. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to empty any water.

#2 Vinegar Dispersal: Fill the diffuser halfway with clean water and add a teaspoon of white vinegar. Run the diffuser for about 5-10 minutes. This allows the vinegar to work its magic and clean out the system.

#3 Component Care: Remove any removable parts, like the mist vent, and wash them with warm water and gentle dish soap. Dry these pieces thoroughly.

#4 Reservoir Wipe-Down: With a cloth dampened in the water and vinegar solution, wipe down accessible surfaces inside the reservoir. Use a cotton swab dipped in vinegar for delicate misting chips and hard-to-reach places.

#5 Air Out: Let the whole system air dry. This helps with drying and allows any vinegar smell to fade away.


A clean diffuser is the secret to an uninterrupted, serene aromatherapy experience. Incorporating these cleaning routines into your diffuser care will ensure that each essential oil’s benefits are fully realized without interfering with unwanted residues. Always check your diffuser’s manual for specific instructions, and here’s to many more sessions of blissful diffusion!

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