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We provide air diffuser and waterless diffuser with virious design and technology. There are many different types of essential oil humidifier and electric diffusers for wholesale. We took lots of time and energy to invest the market, in order to create the stylish ultrasonic aroma diffuser to the customer. We focus on the business of aromatherapy diffuser wholesale over 6 years. The business scope include: OEM diffuser, ODM diffuser, Personalized diffusers as each customer request. Our essential oil diffuser is perfect for any environment and bring pleasure to your living room, bathroom, bedroom, office and home….


Custom Air Diffuser Ideas

  • Style: Classic or modern – a shape that matches the theme of  your brand or home décor, that is a key point to consider if you want to custom scent diffuser.

  • Function: Water diffuser or waterless diffuser – consider the humidity of the air in your local country

  • Spacial coverage: Small area or large room

  • Timer settings: long time or short time – the long time option is better suited for running all night

  • Extra features” Bluetooth speaker, remote control, etc.

  • Charging options. Portable USB charging or plug-in charging

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