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Many companies selling beauty products or aroma candle products want to build a new category of aroma diffusers to boost their business. But sourcing a new category takes much time to understand.

What I learned during my years working in diffuser wholesale. Aroma diffusers are a cornerstone in essential oil aromatherapy, which diffuses different flavors of essential oil to create fascinating scents to improve living space and influence people’s overall state of being.

This guide will help the buyer or purchaser manager know about diffusers and make a quick decision during the aroma diffuser wholesale. Saving their time and money.

Types of Aroma Diffusers

aroma diffuser manufacturer

There are five essential oil diffusers types: passive diffuser, fan diffuser, heat diffuser, ultrasonic aroma diffuser, and nebulizer diffuser.

Each type of aromatherapy diffuser has its method for spraying essential oils into the air; then, you can enjoy the remedies. To help the purchase manager determine what to choose, we will explain in detail how each type of air diffuser works and its pros and cons

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What is a Passive Diffuser?

reed diffuser
Reed Diffuser

Generally, a passive diffuser is powerless, has no wires, sockets, batteries, etc., and does not use heat or water. It is natural to emit the flavor of essential oils without any external help.

This natural diffuser can be placed in the room for continuous use until the flavor is completely dissipated. Currently, the passive diffuser includes ceramic lotus diffusers, Jewelry diffusers, and reed diffusers in the market. But the aroma of this diffuser is not intense, which is suitable for some people who like low-intensity scents.

What is a reed diffuser?

The reed diffuser is the most widely used and works on a simple principle. It is made by placing a wooden stick (usually a pine branch) or reed into a bottle of essential oils. The reed absorbs the oils from the bottom to the top and emits the aroma naturally.

Remember to clear the bottle and use the unused stick when you run out of essential oils and want to replace them with another scent. But this reed diffuser is only suitable for tiny spaces because there is no mist, so the wind can’t spread it to a larger area.


What is an Aroma Fan diffuser?

aroma fan diffuser
Aroma Fan Diffuser

The Aroma Fan diffuser is an evaporative essential oil diffuser, which does not require water. Put a certain amount of essential oil drops on the absorbent pad or the special aromatherapy box. Then turn on the switch, the built-in fan starts to rotate to make the airflow quickly and diffuse essential oil’s scent into the air.

There are several types of fan diffusers, such as:

  • Essential oil car diffuser includes the electric car diffuser, which is put in the cardholder, and the car vent diffuser placed in the car’s ventilation.
  • Wall fan diffuser: plug in the wall outlet
  • Mini fan diffuser: With its small size and a USB port, easy to carry

The Duration of the Fan diffuser depends on the number of essential oils on the pad; when the flavor becomes faded, you can continue to add more of the same type of essential oil. If you need to use a different kind of essential oil, it is recommended that you replace the pad with a new one. Usually, the diffuser manufacturer will provide 3-5 extra pads, so there is no need to worry about not having enough.

This fan diffuser is very quiet during use and can quickly diffuse essential oils into this room. Still, it emits the essential oil components in sections. The lighter components evaporate first, and the heavier components evaporate last and do not diffuse simultaneously.

What is a Heat Essential Oil Diffuser?

heat essential oil diffuser
heat essential oil diffuser

A heat diffuser uses electric heat and candle burning to provide heat to help evaporate essential oils into the air; it is a cheaper option. The heat source of the electric oil warmer is a lamp. This compact aroma lamp has a dish at the top with essential oils on it. When the machine is turned on, the heat from the lamp will gradually heat and evaporate the essential oils, emitting the fragrance into the air evenly.

Another heat essential oil diffuser uses a candle as the heat source. Burning the candle to heat the essential oil to give off the scent in the room; after the candle burns out, it must be replaced with a new candle. If you want to use another essential oil, remember to wash the dish that holds the essential oil. Remember that this scented wax warmer is not allowed to be used in a place with an open flame….

There are three types of material in the market: Ceramic oil burner, glass oil burner, iron mesh oil burner. Ceramic oil burner wholesale has a long history than others.

Heat essential oil diffusers are economical to use silent. They can diffuse essential oils slowly and evenly throughout the room. Still, because their higher temperature may change the chemical composition of the oils and cause them to break down, some of the oils will not diffuse into the air.

What is an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser?

polyresin diffuser
ultrasonic aroma diffueser

The ultrasonic aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to break down essential oils into tiny particles released throughout the room with the mist. The most important part of this air diffuser is a ceramic atomizer that vibrates at 2.4MHZ or 3MHZ.

Compared to other traditional aromatherapy diffusers, it has more available options, such as a time setting that can run for 30min, 120min, 240min, and 8 hours. And can also run continuously overnight, which is excellent. In addition, these electric oil diffusers will automatically shut down when there is no water in the reservoir. So you do not have to worry about damaging the aroma oil diffuser if there is no water in the reservoir.

The wholesale oil diffusers factory brings more experience to the user-designed various capacity options, such as 100ml diffuser, 300ml diffuser, and 500ml diffuser. These mist diffusers can cover different sizes of rooms. There are also various material options, such as glass diffusers, ceramic diffusers, terracotta diffusers, and porcelain diffusers.

Some aromatherapy diffusers also have Bluetooth settings that allow you to connect to the music played on your phone. This will enable you to enjoy the health benefits of essential oils and the wonderful music that makes aromatherapy so much more effective.

The advantage of ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers is that they only require a small number of drops of essential oil and do not use heat to produce the mist, which does not change the chemical composition of the essential oil. They also have a humidifying function, called essential oil humidifiers. Others with continuously running options, which is ideal to use overnight. Others have the option to run it continuously, which is ideal if you wish to run it all night while you sleep.

But it costs us more than a heat diffuser. If you live in a place where the air is much humidity, you may not want to use this kind of electric aroma diffuser with water to make the air more humid.

What is a Nebulizer Diffuser (Waterless Diffuser)?

nebulizer diffuser
nebulizer diffuser

The nebulizer diffusers uses the Bernoullis principle to atomize essential oils by using a high speed, pressurized airflow to break them down into tiny particles. The whole process is that:

  • The airflow from the small pump is forced to accelerate the tube, and the air pressure at the tube’s exit drops to a low level.
  • And different air pressure will create a suction force that will cause the essential oil in the bottle to be sucked upwards.
  • Multiple streams of high-speed pressurized air hit the rising essential oil into tiny particles. Then the tiny molecules are emitted into the air through the nozzles. The remaining essential oils fall back into the bottle, creating a cycle that will repeat until the oil is used up.   

This nebulize essential oil diffuser is fully broken down. It physically atomizes the essential oils, which is the best option if you want your lungs to gain more of the natural benefits that the oils provide. The area covered and the speed of particle breakdown goes on the air pump.

Currently, on the market, there are big commercial nebulizer diffusers and small home essential oil nebulizer diffusers, commercial mainly used in large shopping malls and hotels, etc., the diffusion range is vast, expensive, we are here to discuss the one of home use. The home nebulizer diffuser includes glass + wood and new innovative nebulizer diffusers.

Glass nebulizers have existed for many years, beautiful appearance, simple operation, essential oils in the glass container quickly and complete breakdown, then atomized to the whole room.

Intelligent aroma nebulizer improved the structure based on the traditional essential oil nebulizer. The aroma diffuser manufacturer set the air pump on the other side with an essential oil bottle instead of a glass container. The operation is quite simple, and you do not need to fill the essential oil into the glass container each time; you only need to replace the bottle after a whole bottle of essential oil is used up. It also increased the timing function, intermittent function.

Pros of a nebulizer diffuser: This diffuser does not need heat and water to atomize essential oils. Compared to other aromatherapy diffusers, the essential oil is more fully breakdown into microscopic particles. The high temperature will not change the chemical composition of essential oils. The scents/flavor is more intense than other types of essential oil diffusers, the best choice for aromatherapy. You will get the original therapeutic benefits that essential oils offer

Cons of a nebulizer diffuser: You must clean the diffuser regularly. Cleaning is relatively complex and time-consuming because the high concentration of pure essential oils accumulated over a long period may block the air pump and thus inhibit the effect of diffusion. At the same time, it is more expensive than other types of aromatherapy diffusers. Some models are a little noisy in comparison to another aroma diffuser.


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