Top 10 Wholesale essential oil suppliers in the US

If you are planning to start an essential oils business in the United States, the most important part of the process is finding the right suppliers. After talking to a number of entrepreneurs, we have found and vetted that finding essential oil wholesale supplier is the more difficult part, mainly because there are so many choices make you confused.

In this article palm, we have found the top 10 wholesale essential oil suppliers for your essential oil business that can help you save more time and energy.

1. Youngliving Essential oils

Youngliving is one of the Top 10 Wholesale essential oil suppliers in the US. Founded in 1993,  which offices around the world – from Australia to Europe and Canada to Japan & Singapore – this multi-level marketing organisation encourages individuals to become independent distributors or consultants by leveraging the power of their social networks. Each sale that they make pays them commission while shoppers bear the cost as part of their oil price tag; making it win-win for all involved!

Young Living has mastered the art of creating essential oils with its unique Seed to Seal process. The company meticulously controls each stage in cultivating, harvesting and distilling their products by owning plants across the globe while personally setting strict quality standards at every step – giving them a real edge on delivering superior-grade oils!

Location: Utah, us


2. DoTerra

In 2008, a small group of ambitious and health-minded professionals got together to create something special: doTERRA essential oils. Their mission was to revolutionize how the world experienced therapeutic-grade essential oils, drawing on each founders’ own personal experiences with their healing capabilities. They set up company in Pleasant Grove, Utah – but that’s only been part of this company’s story! Since then they’ve branched out across much of rest the globe through opening offices around it via multi-level marketing (MLM) programs… All so everyone can have an access point for top quality products, bottled directly from nature herself.

doTERRA goes above and beyond to ensure the potency, purity, and consistency of their essential oils. Thanks to their company-internal Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® protocol every batch is tested for quality control before it reaches customers! But that’s not all – they don’t just source from anywhere; with a global botanical network across 40 countries each oil has its own unique journey which can be followed on Source to You along with detailed GC/MS reports so you know exactly what you’re getting in your bottle.

Location: Utah, US



For conscious shoppers seeking pure essential oils, Rocky Mountain Oils has been an industry leader since 2004. Located in Orem, Utah and hailing is one of the Top 10 Wholesale essential oil suppliers in the US, they offer a full product line with select USDA Certified Organic options for those looking to further minimize their toxins exposure.

To guarantee quality assurance measures that exceed FDA standards are met at all times – RMO provides substantial GC/MS test results from third party labs plus their exclusive S.A.A F E Promise™ -Satisfaction–Authentic-Analysis-Free Of Adulterants-Efficient & Pure promise seal is applied on each bottle as a marker of trustworthiness!

Location:Utah, US



REVIVE essential oils is an up-and-coming leading brand of pure quality and sustainable sourced products. From their “Compare to MLMs” page, you can quickly compare the best MLM blends with alternative options created by REVIVE.

Revive is one of the top  10 wholesale essential oil supplier in the US, which specialize in wild crafted 100% natural plant materials for unbeatable aromas that are unrivaled on the market today! Not only does this company provide a selection of USDA certified organic oil directly from distillers located all over the world, but they also offer downloadable GC/MS results for each unique batch – making sure consumers get nothing less than perfect satisfaction every time!

Location:Dallas, TX, US



As one of the top 10 wholesale essential oil supplier in the US, Plant Therapy established in 2011 and which is your go-to destination for high quality essential oils at an affordable price. You won’t have to shop around, because they offer everything you need – single oils, blends, sets, roll-ons and diffusers plus accessories like carrier oil. Plus their competitive prices are usually enhanced by deals or giveaways!

As if that wasn’t enough of a drawcard – the brand goes beyond industry standards with third party testing on all products ensuring 100% pureness & superior quality every time. Shop now using code EOHAVEN and get 10% off your order!

Location: Washington, US



Edens Garden has been providing customers with the highest quality essential oils since 2009. But that’s not all – established in San Clemente, CA by CEO Grace, this company also offers their products at an affordable cost! This is thanks to Edens Garden’s commitment of valuing people over profit. As one of the top 10 wholesale essential oil supplier in the US,  Edens Carden’s every oil they provide guaranteed 100% pure and of the best possible quality while following a unique E.D.E.N

At EG, every batch of oils goes through rigorous testing before making its way onto the store shelves. To preserve their therapeutic properties and freshness, they are stored in a dark room where temperatures remain just right. Assuring you only receive pure oil extracts that boast maximum potency!

Location: CA, US



NOW Solutions offers a comprehensive line of natural ingredients and products, ranging from essential oils to personal care items. Uncompromising in their quality standards,

they go the extra mile by running an in-house lab with rigorous testing protocols like Gas Chromatography (GC) and Infrared Spectrometry – ensuring only 100% pure options for customers seeking out nature’s best!

Location: Bloomingdale, IL, US



Mountain Rose Herbs is a truly unique essential oil wholesale supplier – not only do they offer top-notch organic products, but their commitment to sustainability has earned them many certifications and awards.

With an inspiring ethos of “People and Planet before Profit,” you can rest assured that your money will be going towards supporting green business practices when shopping with this company; perfect for eco-minded shoppers!

Location: Eugene, OR, US



With roots tracing back to Iowa in 1976, Aura Cacia Essential Oils is a one-of-a-kind presence on the essential oil market. Structured as a co-op with input from their members shaping product and leadership decisions, they strive to create an environment of communal values and passion for quality products.

Aura Casia is one of the top 10 essential oil wholesale supplier in the US, all of which oils are packaged in lightproof amber glass bottles so that no disruption occurs during storage – plus each oil blend remains 100% pure without any extra additives or fillers!

Location: Norway, IA , US


10. Jade Bloom

Jade Bloom Essential Oils is a family-owned business with an aim to revolutionize the way we think about health and wellness. Learn everything you need to know from their unique, free essential oils university – filled with lessons and schedules that’ll make education fun! All products are 100% pure, too – just look up the GC-MS report using their online tool for extra peace of mind.

Plus: each oil comes in distinctive green glass bottles which preserve freshness better than other brands’ containers ever could!

Location: Draper, Utah , US


Final Thoughts

The above are the top 10 wholesale essential oil supplier in the US introduction. Especially Youngliving, Doterra and Rocky Mountain oils, are recognized as excellent essential oil wholesale supplier in this industry. And all of them also sell the aroma diffuser together with the essential oils.

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